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 Want to be a moderator here at the forum?

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PostSubject: Want to be a moderator here at the forum?   Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:14 am

Hi everyone! Very Happy

Moderators are members that have been entrusted to be the leaders on the forums here. Good moderators can have an enormous influence on the message boards they moderate, and their contributions largely determine if a forum is going to be a success here. Moderators are chosen because of their enthusiasm, leadership qualities, and their respect for their fellow posters. The posting quality and history of moderator candidates is especially important in the moderator selection process, because we want to make sure that moderator candidates are regular posters on the boards they want to moderate.

Becoming a moderator is an awesome experience, but it does come with responsibilities. Moderators should do more than simply close threads. Moderators are expected to start discussions and participate in the discussions on their boards as much as possible. Moderators should post on their boards at least every other day and participate in a wide variety of topics on their boards. Moderators should be approachable and professional, and they should try to answer posters’ questions as quickly as possible. Moderators are also expected to welcome newcomers, help resolve disputes between posters, and make sure that posters are adhering to Fan Forum rules. It’s fine for moderators to be members of a ‘shipper’ group, but they need to deal with any issues that may arise on their boards in a fair and impartial manner. Moderators should also visit the Moderators Forum on a regular basis to keep abreast of moderator issues and to socialize with other people in the Moderator community. We also want Moderators to help us by spreading the word about the forum, our activities here, contests, well, anything.

The Moderator Application Process

Please send each a private message to me with a subject line of I want to be a Moderator and include the following information until July 30th 12:00 PM GMT.

1. Your real name (first one is enough)

2. Your Age.

3. Country (because of the timezone), I may choose more than one people to have the forum monitored 24h/day.

4. A brief paragraph describing why you want to be a moderator of this forum.

Please note the following: If you want to apply to be a moderator here at the Forum, you need to be an active poster. We want moderators to post at least every other day, unless you post that you're going to be away. Therefore, your application will only be considered if you're an active poster here.

Moderator appointments will be announced on the next two days following the deadline.

Thanks, and we'll be looking forward to hearing from you I love you

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Want to be a moderator here at the forum?
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